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Feb 1, 2013 9:00am EST
pads, and, you know, technology devices. not in things like education and energy and that's the only sign of inflation. but to joe's point, i think the fed can back off on what they've said if in fact we've seen them pull back. they can walk away from the 6.5% unemployment target and wind down quantitative easing in a much more rapid pace. i think that's a step in the right direction, so it doesn't have to be a train wreck. this could be a gradual pullback of easing where interest rates start going up in the first part of 2014. >> we've been talking about pulling this band aid off for so long. carl, it's like housing, though. schiller wrote a piece in the journal, they said it lasted five years. that was painful. but boy, when it reversed, it was more painful than that time with which you're waiting for it to happen. >> joe, art, thanks, guys. good stuff. >> thank you. >> trading debut here at the nyse today. becoming the largest ipo from a u.s. company since facebook. shares of zoetis is trading at $26 apiece. it's the only way to play it in a pure way, because the other animal medicine
Feb 8, 2013 9:00am EST
be educational for them. >> yes. >> get them early. >> i think they're going for the younger demographic now with the nemo. remember when nemo was an e-ride? >> phinius and ferb. >> sports surging 25% in january compared to a year ago, with imports rising 28.8%. $29.2 billion trade, new lending by china's banks beat expectations and consumer inflation fell to 2% from seven-month highs set in december. so inflation is cooling. came in line, but cooling. >> trade is booming. >> this is exactly what you want. >> exactly. isn't this what allows the new communist party, and i do believe this is a signal it has worked. klaus kleinfeld was predicting they could sptep on the gas and not incite inflation. isn't that exactly what's happening? it's a virtuous cycle before being a vicious cycle. >> it is. and we still haven't had the full leadership transition yet. that will be in march. >> right. >> i think they're mandating 11% gdp. that's not a target, that's a mandate. 400 million people right now are still going from rural to urban. that is rather amazing. >> that's incredible. china is an incredib
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2